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Now It’s Our Turn
I will sing and make melody to the Lord
(Psalm 27:6)

The words quoted above are attributed to David, the King.  But that doesn’t mean their significance is limited to his life alone.  We think of Psalm 23 (also attributed to David) and recognize that “The Lord is our shepherd.”  Likewise, Psalm 139, and declare that we are each “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  And so, when we hear David proclaim “I will sing,” we gain the sense that this is a privilege and responsibility set before us all.

Now, at PaliPres we are, of course blessed with outstanding musical leaders.  Where do we begin?  Jaco Wong, Anthony Wamble, Laurel Sanders, Michelle Saddic, our varying section leaders…  (Read on in this newsletter for great news about Jaco Wong’s new position!)  Excellence in musical leadership is a key part of our tradition.  And I say this as the choir begins taking their summer break.  We will miss them, as they have been leading us so very, very, well!

I say, “leading us,” because the Presbyterian tradition recognizes that “The singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs is a vital and ancient form of prayer.  Singing engages the whole person, and helps to unite the body of Christ in common worship.”  Our Directory for Worship goes on to state: “The congregation itself is the church’s primary choir; the purpose of rehearsed choirs and other musicians is to lead and support the congregation in the singing of prayer.” (W-2.0202)

So through the summer they’ll be leading us in something of a different way: no longer up front, but now in the pews.  And it’s up to us to respond.  It’s up to us to take what we’ve learned (and are still learning) from their leadership, and to be putting it into practice as we each “sing and make melody to the Lord” with heart, and soul and voice.  As we gather for worship this week, may we be demonstrating to all who come among us that we’ve been learning our lessons well.

As you, I seek to continue…

In His Service,