Stephen Ministry

What is Stephen Ministry?
Stephen Ministry is grounded in Jesus’ command to love one another. Our Stephen Ministers are trained lay people who provide Christian care to those who are hurting. Their desire is to be the hands, the feet, and heart of Jesus.

Everyone goes through difficult times. Having a confidential, non-judgmental care giver to walk beside you, to listen, and to share God’s love and prayers with you may help you get through an illness, a divorce, or any other type of stressful situation you may be experiencing.

If you would like to have more information about this care giving ministry, please contact Stephanie Mass at (310) 454-0335.

“Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

Who Benefits from Stephen Ministry?

People Who Need Care . . .

  • Receive quality, Christ-centered, confidential care for their hurts and needs
  • Find hope, healing, and a new sense of self-worth through the support of a Stephen Minister
  • Know they are remembered and supported by their congregation in times of personal difficulty
  • Receive ongoing care for continuing needs long after the onset of a crisis, when many others have forgotten about them
  • Grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord as they experience God’s unconditional love for them through their Stephen Minister

Our Pastors . . .

  • No longer shoulder the entire burden of caring in the congregation, as if the pastor were the only one able, willing, or called to do this ministry
  • Receive support and care from the lay people who are part of the congregation’s Stephen Ministry Team
  • Reach more members of the congregation with quality Christian care
  • Experience renewed joy and satisfaction as they equip others and so extend the reach of their own ministries
  • Have more time to focus on the ministries that only the pastor can do

Our Lay People . . .

  • Discover, cultivate, and use the spiritual gifts they have been blessed with
  • See themselves as active partners in the mission and ministry of the church
  • Find all aspects of their lives enriched by the distinctively Christian caregiving skills they learn and practice
  • Experience great joy as they see God working through them to bring hope and healing to a hurting person
  • Grow spiritually as they experience the Lord’s loving presence in community with other Christian caregivers

Our Entire Congregation . . .

  • Discovers that many members want to be involved in meaningful ministry and will respond to the call to become a Stephen Minister or Stephen Leader
  • Becomes a more loving community that is more sensitive and responsive to people’s needs for care
  • Is able to provide more quality Christian care, so that fewer people slip through the cracks
  • Is able to reach out to the unchurched who are hurting and introduce them to the healing love of Jesus in their time of need
  • Sees itself as not only being served by the pastor, but as a caring body of believers actively involved in serving one another in love